Thursday, 12 March 2009

Jigsaw Charms

These jigsaw charms were certainly not charming to do!
They were very fiddly and took me days to do, i still hate waiting for things to dry lol.
I used aridondack dabbers to colour the jigsaw pieces, stamped onto them with stazon using a lare collage stamp and pressing the jigsaw pieces on different parts of the stamp. Then i used my cropadile to put eyelets on. I then put on crackle accents but it started to flake off so i put 3D glaze on top to stop it flaking off.
Added beads and charms to finish them.
Not sure if its because these are my first jigsaw charms but i am not that happy with them. I think they are a bit plain.


Flippinpest said...

They arent plain!They are really pretty :-)

Sherry said...

They all look lovely to me and I'd be pleased to receive any one of them.

Julie said...

They're really lovely.
Julie x

michelle said...

these are lovely they arn't plain, are you selling them x