Friday, 7 August 2009

Rescued Card

Thank you very much to Rita, liz and Cheryl for their advice.
You were right ladies it was the uneven panels i didn't like and no it wasn't the sketch i don't have a working printer just now and my craft corner is upstairs and pc downstairs and i tried to remember the sketch and of course i got confused (it really doesn't take much to confuse me lol), so i now do a rough copy of sketch on paper lol.
I made some more faux ribbon to cover the uneven panels and added more stamped leaves as there was too much blank space on panels. Added 2 flower gems to finish.
Still not a great card but it definately looks in proportion and presentable.
I am so very greatful to Rita, Liz and Cheryl for their advice, it was very helpful.


Liz said...

Much better Gail I would tell Rita too as thats what was the matter it was unballenced
well done I love the card

liz xx

Zoe said...

Hi gail looks lovely now, glad it all worked out xx