Monday, 18 May 2009

3 of a kind atcs

These atcs i did for the swap i hosted on dc.
There were some gorgeous atcs, they are all in my pb
The brief i set was three inks and 3 stamps on each atc.
I tried to use different stamps for each and some that i don't use, hence the fairy atc.
Quite pleased with the result.
I am way behind in my blogging these should have been put on last week, and i have a stack of atcs still to scan.
Having a bad time with migraines and pc screen makes them worse but it does mean more quiet crafty time when i can see properly as my migraines affect my vision.


Flippinpest said...

Great ATCs, look forward to seeing all the others when you have scanned them.Hope that you are feeling a little better :-)

Liz said...

Oh where is the dc???? these are beautiful Gail I do love looking at ATC's and you are such a brilliant stamper Watch makeretc Can you tell I am a big fan of your lovely work!
Keep it up and look after yourself too really dont envy you these headaches!
Liz xx