Wednesday, 27 May 2009

3 watches

3 jigsaw watches in a different style.
I have done these ones using different types and colours of paint and a cocktail stick lol. All have been glazed for strength and durability.
These have taken me a week to do mostly drying time, i hate waiting for things to dry.
I am starting to build up a stock of these and am thinking of opening an Etsy shop or rather my mum thinks i should sell them on line, i am not that computer literate so Etsy seems a good option.
Everyone who sees them says they are good enough to sell but i'm not so sure.


Flippinpest said...

These are wonderful Gail. I may come to you for some tips lol

Spyder said...

These are really lovely, soooo unusual!Love them!!


WeirdCat said...

Cool watches

Tracy said...

They are lovely, well done, there very unique, I think they will sell.

Liz said...

Hello Gail I have been so very busy I have just seen his post I can vouch for these watches myelf as I bought one from Gail and I love it I have worn it out twice and the comments have been very positve most folks have never seen watches like it I love mine both the top and the underside being diffrent and I would recomend Gails work to anyone without any hesitation Her ATC'S are second to none as well Good Luck on etsy its a hard climate for sellers just now but I am certain these will do very well
liz xxx

Liz said...

Gail pop over to my blog and see your watches they are on my sidebar with a link back to your site and I have said on the bottom they are for sale I will leave it on for at least a month I will e mail you
Liz xx

Neliva said...

WOW...i want 1 of