Monday, 15 June 2009

Bottle Cap Charms

These are for an altered bottle cap swap hosted by the very talented Trudy aka Tish (Kent) on Do Crafts.
For the ones in the top pic i dusted off my art deco maiden mold (from once upon a stamp).
I tend to use air dry clay with this which i did for the middle one but i have found something else which i hadn't thought of before for the other 2. I used glitter glue sticks in a hot melt glue gun, i inherited it from my sister (she got me into crafting and created a monster lol), i am hopeless using a glue gun i end up looking like medusa with strands everywhere lol. I was using wax sticks in another glue gun in my mold and i thought hey i wonder if the glitter glue will work and as you can see from the other 2 charms in the top pic it worked really well. It does take a while to cool down before you can lift them out and yes i did ruin one by trying to get it out too soon lol, but i did discover you can remelt it using a heat gun so mistakes can be rectified. The wax head didn't work so i melted it into the bottle top on the right and put the big red head on it, i hate wasting things. The one on the left i used a dimensional glitter glue to fill in around the head.
The bottom 4 are stamps used on air dry clay, i will confess i did these a while back when i had a clay moment, and have been sitting in a drawer till i had the inspiration to use them. Amazingly they were perfect for using with bottle caps. More glitter glue on these ones but a pearl glitter glue this time. I use Amos pearl glitter glue and it is one of my fav products, don't be put off by the glitter glue label as in reality it is more like a flat crystal lacquer effect at a fraction of the price (5 tubes for £1.30) in fact i have pearl lacquers in the same colours and i prefer the glitter glue to the lacquers. The one on the left and 2nd from right also have liquid pearls in platinum.
I used 2 and 8mm jump rings and charms from my vast supply to finish.
Quite pleased with the way these turned out, found this very daunting after seeing the stunning work others have done for this swap, although mine won't be the best i think they should make the grade.

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Caro said...

they are brill, love them loads. If you have chance, come visit me too please :-))