Thursday, 25 June 2009

Mum's Birthday Card

This card is for my mums Birthday.
Having to be organised this yr and not leave it to the last minute as i usually do lol. My mum's birthday is the 3rd July and as Lucy goes to the orthapedic specialist vet on the 29th June to see about her sore leg i am half expecting to have a poorly Lucy by mum's bd as Lucy might need an op bless her.
Anyway back to the card.
Yes there are peel offs on this card, i have a hidden inner cardmaker and she has some shocking things hidden in my craft supplies haha.
I used a keepsake green board (i think it's the romance one) for the card. I used 2 sheets of silver mirri A4 card to make the card. I used the oval template. I embossed the D2 line the two C fancy lines and the two ovals on to both the sheets of card. I then sanded them both to distress the card and to emphasise the embossed lines. Do this before cutting to size especially if using mirri or other coated card as sanding can peel of bits of the coated top layer and that could spoil your card if you do it after cutting to size.
I then cut the fancy edge using the second embossed line as my guide.
I folded both sheets of card along the D2 line i scored. I then joined them together as they overlap on the back to line them up on the front i positioned them so that the top and bottom edges of the fancy lines touch. Once the glue had dried i cut about an inch off the top and bottom of the card so that i could make a box out of a 4 card to put it in. i then carefully sanded the edges of the card to complete the distressed look.
I then cut a strip of card to fit behind the fancy edges i used an irridescent material to cover the card and glued it behind the lefthand edge. I then embossed and cut out 2 of the smaller ovals in pearlescent white card and used foam tape to put them on the card.
Poppies and sunflowers are my mum's favourite flowers so i cheated and used die cut decoupage with lots of foam tape for the centrepieces. The sparkle is DecoArt's SoSoft glittering topcoat (it is a fabric product and it does take a week to fully dry on card but i love the effect and haven't found a paper product to match it yet so i put up with the drying time).
I coloured 4 metal flower embellishments to match and used a gold metallic marker to give an aged feel to the offending corner peel offs.
Really pleased with the finished card.
Whoops forgot to add that i cut an A4 sheet of card to fit inside to cover the join. Will probably matt and layer a poem on the inside to distract from the fact it doesn't have an insert as i don't have any A3 paper.

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