Sunday, 7 June 2009

More atcs

4 atcs using pearlescent brilliance inks in sky blue and something(yes i forgot in the time it took me to walk downstairs lol) jade.

Have adjusted the image bottom pic to show detail as top pic shows colours but not detail.
I used my fav large collage stamp for these the background were made by stamping on 2 sheets of glossy card without reinking inbetween to get 2 shades of colour.
With the green ones i matched up the images and cut them into 4 unequal parts them glued them onto backing card.
I stamped part of image onto jigsaw pieces using same inks.
Also did a piece of sea washed glass, great excuse for walking the dogs amazing what you find on the beach lol. Only did one piece of glass as i realised after i stuck it that i couldn't really post it hence using the jigsaw pieces.

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Liz said...

Fabby work Gail

Liz xx