Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Midnight atcs

The only thing these atcs have in common is that they were made last week in the early hours of the morning hence the midnight in the title lol. They are not that good but they took my mind off Lucy's specialist vet app which raised more questions than it answered trust Lucy lol.
Back to the atcs they are a mix of techniques, i tidy when i get stressed so my desk made a rare appearance (i have a very shy desk it likes to hide under a mountain of craft materials lol) and i found lots of little bits left over from other things and i used them on these atcs.
To get the effect of light and dark ink on the embossed card i sanded them after they had been through my cuttlebug. I then wiped them with a dry cloth to remove dust then swiped them with distress inkpad trying to just get ink on the raised bits. I then rubbed the whole atc with a makeup sponge giving the 2 tone colour.
Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. It is very much appreciated.


Cheryl said...

these are great atcs,hun great images,and great techniques too love cheryl xx

Liz said...

brilliant Gail atc's will be posted back tomorrow
liz xx