Thursday, 30 July 2009

Butterfly Napkin Cards

The butterflies on these cards are actually napkins.
I know most people use spray adhesive with napkins but with my asthma i am very carefull about using sprays so i used an acid free glue stick instead. You only need one layer of napkin and card or paper to back it onto. I used different colours of pearlescent paper and card as i have loads of offcuts to use up. With the napkin being so sheer the colour it is backed onto does change the shades of colours. I roughly cut out the butterflies and thoroughly covered my card/paper with glue stick then carefully smoothed the napkin on top and left to dry.
Once i had cut out the butterflies i made some antennae from wire. I used double depth foam pads on the wings to raise them above the body and give more depth to the card.
Not sure i like all the finished cards, finding card making a bit hit and miss just now would rather be altering something.


Liz said...

oh these are fab Gail how lovely I will be putting u down for tutorial in Crafty Salon Defo

Liz x

Craftyanny said...

these are really pretty, love how you've done them
Anne x

Cheryl said...

these are such beautiful butterflies love cheryl xxx