Sunday, 26 July 2009

Stamping with pearly watercolours

Inspied by a post on Trimcraft asking if you could apply watercolours to stamps for stamping, i decided to try the tinfoil method i used below with the Works cheap version of H2Os.
I made the paints quite thick but only applied a little of each colour to the tinfoil so didn't use a lot. I then pressed my stamp into the paint and cos i only had a small amount of each colour i turned the stamp round several times to make sure image was all covered. After i had stamped the image i took a piece of card and put that on the tinfoil and used it to make the border.
Top pic shows the card in its true colours, the bottom one i darkened so you can see how the fine detail has been picked up by the paint.
Think i will be using this method again.


Cheryl said...

this is great hun love all the detail looks great stamped with the paints love cheryl xxxxx

Liz said...

Gail theres a challenge on with watercolours get this entered!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is it moving along with the times I think if not get back to me its brilliant

Liz x

Liz said...

its there

liz xx

Flippinpest said...

Beautiful, delicate images Gail. It gives a nice effect doesnt it?