Thursday, 16 July 2009

Cardboard Box to Display Case

I needed somewhere to display the stunning altered jigsaw pieces and bottle caps i recieved from Trudy's Swaps on Do Crafts. So i took a plain shallow cardboard box and made 2 shelves from corrugated card. I then used tissue paper, pva and gesso to create texture and a base for painting. I then took more bits of card and part of a polystyrene pizza base that i covered in metal, to create the shape of the unit. I took some aluminium tape and opened up my scroll cuttlebug folder and used an embossing tool to emboss the pattern the i kept moving the tape till i had enough embossed tape to cover both sides and top of my little unit. I did this instead of using my bug as i wanted a continuous line and i couldn't do that with my bug.Once i was happy with the shape of the unit, i used my cropadile to punch holes under the shelves. I then painted the unit black. Then and i lots of messy fun here, i squeezed 7 different colours of paints metallics and enamel onto a pallette then took some make up sponges and splodged the paint all over the unit.
When it was dry. I threaded wire through the holes and threaded the lovely jigsaw pieces and bottle caps onto the wires.
The wires are tied at the back, i did it this way so that if i swap any more i can add them to the display.
I might not have succeeded in keeping this neutral but i hope it shows of the pieces well and that those that made them like what i have done with them, they are way toooooooooo gorgeous to be kept in an envelope.


Polly Pierce said...

wow Gail thats amazing

Julie said...

Fantastic work gail.
Julie x